Boycott Black Friday


Why Hurricane Affiliates Boycotted 'Black Friday'?

You must wonder why Hurricane Affiliates did not have a Black Friday sale, some people already know.

What is the truth behind the term 'Black Friday'? there are many rumors, how do we know what's true and what's false, lets look at the facts.


During the 1700 there were many slave trades, the term Black Friday originated from and was designated as a sale day. A sale day to sell black slaves at a discounted price, you must think, why? Because during the winter, the white slave master needed a strong black person to help yield their plantation field.



"The ability of winter plants to survive the winter conditions depends on many factors. One of the very important ones are the genetic properties of the species, including frost resistance, which to a certain extent conditions winter resistance. One needs to remember that frequently, improved crop yield potential is related to a reduction of the above parameters. Frost resistance is the ability of the crop to survive negative temperatures at a suitable level. Wintering ability is the ability to survive the winter, as per the following conditions: temperature, insolation, wind, precipitation and other events."

As the farm specialist states above during the winter season it is much harder for farm owners or hence plantation owners to survive during this adversity. This is because of excessive rainfall, snow, etc.  

Freezing is damage to parts of the plant caused by long-term influence of low temperatures. Plants die out when the tillering node (in cereals) or the root neck (rape) freezes over, whereby freezing over of leaves will delay the speed of growth in the spring. However, this is not hazardous for the further maintenance of the plantation.

Cold wind burning occurs in case of no snow cover at strong and very cold winds, which cause the overground part of the plants – the leaves – to dry out. In extreme cases, the root neck and the tillering node can also be damaged.

Smothering occurs if snow falls on unfrozen soil and remains for a longer time. Under the snow cover, the temperature does not drop below 0 °C, resulting in the breathing process not halting – meaning, the plants do not move to the resting phase. In such a case, the plants use up the collected reserve material and are significantly weakened, as a result of which snow mould can develop intensely.

Uncovering of roots – visible particularly in soils able to collect a lot of water or following heavy rains and sudden frost. The ground freezes due to the negative temperatures – it increases its volume and is raised; if temperatures increase, the phenomenon progresses in the reverse direction. Due to such processes repeating, the root system may be interrupted or broken up. 

This is part of why they sold slaves. The people in the town square would gather to inspect the parade for African slaves for auction.

The fact of where the name originated from has been hidden.

People try to teach others the term originated from a gold financial crash in 1869. The media claims that it was crated after slavery was abolished, but that is inexact and indoctrination.

there are many other rumors about Black Friday, but only one truth. 

The rights and humanity of black people is more important than a few dollars or pounds or whatever currency used.


Dear business owners we must unite and boycott any Black Friday movement because this goes against everything you preach, you say Black lives matter but if they really matter, why do you support and use Black Friday as a tool to make profit? 

It makes me upset to see people using 'black owned business' and then to take part in Black Friday. please stop using black owned for popularity and misleading your customers. Do your research and check out your history.


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