Do Hunna Customs have the best designs ?

Have you ever wanted a clothing item personalised?

Hunna Customs is an established local design & personal fashion customiser, the brand styles from a different range of products such as Jeans, trousers, denim jackets and trainers. They also do personal garments designs for example they have done a collaboration with our brand hurricane affiliates and helped us design a few products that are being released with our new, upcoming collection. 

Hunna Customs have had many consistent client's over the last couple months. All the client's were happy with the service that was provided by the business. Listed below are some reviews.

" @Hunna customs is the coldest designer around"

" They look SOOO COLD BRO, Wallahi thank you bro for your service"

" I love @Hunna customs they have amazing designs and affordable prices"

As stated from the reviews, you can see @Hunna Customs is a very likeable business. They provide their customers with amazing service and affordable prices, furthermore as listed on their Instagram page, they give away free pairs of crease protectors along with all customised, trainers ordered.

Head over to their Instagram page and get ordering.

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