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Hi, my name is Emmanuella Alausa. Hope you all are doing well and if not, do not worry, it will get better. No situation is permanent! This week has been quite chill for me; I have been trying to do some homework and getting on track with my schoolwork, not to talk about life. LOL. I have faith in GOD that things will get better as we seek him first above all; all the other things will be added onto us. Matthew 6:33. I also went to my friend’s house and we all just relaxed in her lovely garden, followed by Tik toks, important conversations and food. Just vibes.

I think it is very important that we have relationships that we can depend on and rely on at times, but also relationships that we can trust. Relationships. What does the word relationship mean to you? In the Dictionary relationship means ‘the state of being connected.’ Now more than ever, having a relationship with our Faith, Family, Friends, Youth clubs, Boyfriend, Girlfriend etc is so important because they are a form of support. In our everyday life we communicate with people through the relationship we form with them; stranger or not. 

Having relationships also means that we have to put in the work, it cannot just be a one sided idea. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. For instance, my relationship with GOD has especially developed over the course of the Pandemic. If you ask me, would you have been as close to GOD before the Pandemic? I hope my answer would be yes because I have so much joy, not happiness but joy, joy unspeakable as I am learning in my relationship with GOD. Even at times when things feel overwhelming, or I look at the news of someone being kidnapped , missing , murdered , unfairly shot; I lean onto my Faith in GOD as my comfort . I have noticed that if you try to figure the World out you will never get an answer; even in hard times/situations we go through, we may not always get an answer from GOD, but remember that we are not given something we cannot handle. Yes, I know you're like “you ain’t in my shoes… please” but having faith is what pulls us through, whatever religion or beliefs. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Before I wrap it up with you all, here are my few tips on relationships:

  1. Put GOD FIRST- even if you’re confused or anxious or stressed or worried or feel guilty, just commit everything to GOD.
  2. Be Thankful; thankful for where you are – someone said ‘I am not where I’m meant to be but I’m happy I’m not where I was .’
  3. Pray before you 're about to do something 
  4. Communicate with your friends – tell them how you feel, thinking, positive ideas, innovations – for a while I thought I have no close friends’ blah blah blah’ but after catching up with them I felt more welcomed and loved than I ever have before.
  5. This leads onto… putting in the effort! – don’t feel like you carry the burdens of friendship it should be mutual , although at sometimes it may not be 
  6. Pray together 
  7. Enjoy your moments – bask in the joy of having friends around you.
  8. Check up on them – let them feel loved.
  9. Appreciate them 
  10. Treat them how you would like to be treated.

Thank you for listening to me speaking from my heart, I mean thank you for reading but yeah I hope you have learnt something new. For more tips and more about me you can check out my book basically anywhere, lol. I am sending my love to you all. Stay safe, be wise, remember GOD LOVES You. GOD BLESS.

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