Social Behaviour

Author: Marian Adejokun


Social Behaviour 

Everyday, we observe how these youths are lost in this big world we are living in… most of them are subjected to knife crime, gun crime, gangs, abuse, anxiety, drugs, mental health, etc. At the end of the day, our youths feel hopeless and think there’s nothing to live for.


We believe something needs to be done. This generation and beyond have a lot of gifted youths who are destined for greatness in their life and to impact others with their challenges, where they can all learn from each other’s mistakes and make things right before it’s too late. 


My name is Marian Adejokun and I am the Founder of ReachOut2All CIC Youth Organization. Our motto links so well with "Damilola Taylor Foundation" "Hope 2020".. "Giving Youths A Voice Through Their Talents". 


Reachout2all is about “Giving youths a voice through their talents”, which could be dancing, singing, poetry, inspirational stories etc. It’s all about reaching out to those that need us most, allowing the youths to be FREE from depression, low- self-esteem, mental health whatever it maybe there’s always a way out and a helping hand reached out to hold your hand. We would like to use this as a platform to collaborate with other youth organisation services that know more about the above areas. ReachOut2All will support and shed light on how their services can be of help to our youths in our community.


It's crucial that all youth organizations come together new and old to support and advocate for young people as "The Future Generation is Now". Throughout the Pandemic so much has occurred, and it's amazing to see how so many youth organizations and community groups have found various initiatives to get the young people's voices heard through their various social media platforms and engaging content for young people to feel valued heard and more so not to feel forgotten in this "New Normal Time" we are facing.


In order for them to be changed for our young people, actions must follow and young people must be put at the center of it all.


ReachOut2All CIC

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