Hurricane Blogs

  • Do Hunna Customs have the best designs ?

    Have you ever wanted a clothing item personalised?

    Hunna Customs is an established local design & personal fashion customiser, the brand styles from a different range of products such as Jeans, trousers, denim jackets and trainers. They also do personal garments designs for example they have done a collaboration with our brand hurricane affiliates and helped us design a few products that are being released with our new, upcoming collection.

  • Boycott Black Friday

    Why Hurricane Affiliates Boycotted 'Black Friday' ?

    You must wonder why Hurricane Affiliates did not have a Black Friday sale, some people already know.

    What is the truth behind the term 'Black Friday'? there are many rumors, how do we know what's true and what's false, lets look at the facts.

  • How to wash your Hurricane joggers

    Checkout out how to wash and clean your Hurricane Joggers !!
  • How to wash your Hurricane Hoodie

    Want to learn several easy methods how to wash and dry your hurricane hoodie? take a read of this blog !
  • How to wash your Hurricane T-Shirt ?

    Throughout this blog you will learn several methods how to wash and dry your Hurricane T-shirt.
  • How to gain a feature on Client Cam ?

    Throughout this blog, you will learn how to gain a feature on Hurricane Affiliates social media pages, such as Instagram.